The Mirage Raiders are a band of pirates that travel the world looking for the riches left behind by the pirate legends that were killed in the 6 Station Assault


The name Mirage Raiders was chosen by Shirley because she began her journey by departing the Mirage Empire with Lucian, she was originally planning on pirating around the general area, later deciding to travel the world.


Each of the crewmembers have their own reasons for joining the crew, besides the promise of glory and riches. They also each have a particular skill besides their magic, that is a sort of job of theirs either on, or sometimes off the ship.

  • Shirley Valentine a.k.a. Cannonball Shirley (Captain) - Nicknamed for punching a hole in a royal guard's ship, similar to a cannonball.
  • Lucian Mirage a.k.a. Bright Light Lucian (First Mate) (not yet on wiki) - Nicknamed for a fireball he was able to create, it was so bright that the soldiers on the royal guard ship couldn't stand to look at it.
  • Orn a.k.a. Devil Born Orn (Class Identifier) - Nicknamed for his demonic appearance.
  • Kieran Ensio a.k.a. Red Swordsman Ensio (Gardener) - Nicknamed for the color of his blade and cape.
  • Garvey Quin a.k.a. Whiplash Garvey (Thief) (not yet on wiki) - Nicknamed for the chains he whips around while fighting.
  • Declan Quin a.k.a. Whirlwind Declan (Historian) (not yet on wiki) - Nicknamed for being strong enough to create a gust of wind with his boomerang.
  • Ambrose Lysander a.k.a. Ghost Writer Ambrose (Transcriber) - Nicknamed for having to write his spells and for using a phantom.
  • Ethan a.k.a. Axe Lad Ethan (Builder) - Nicknamed for being a young member of the crew using an axe.
  • Annabelle a.k.a. Quick Fix Belle (Healer) - Nicknamed for healing her comrades on the battlefield.
  • Felicia Fortuo a.k.a. Fire Breathing Felicia (Navigator) (not yet on wiki) - Nicknamed for being a dragon person who can breathe fire.
  • Galen Avel a.k.a. Bane Blade Galen (Bartender/Cook) - Nicknamed for his proficiency with his transmuted knives