Garim is a living embodiment of a galactic king that was killed when his planet was destroyed by a enemy sister planet, his soul fused with the remains of his home planet. Then, he got his revenge by devouring the sister planet and wondered across the galaxy to galaxy devouring planet after planet.


persistent to get what he wants. Fights dirty when he's losing, and is quite malicious to fighting against.


Finished garim

==Powers and Stats==

Tier: 5-A to low 4-C

Name: Garim 

Origin: deepest vasts of space 

Gender: Male  

Age: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 earth years 

Classification: living planet

Powers and Abilities: gravity manipulation (has changed the orbits of planets just by coming in contact), atom manipulation, planetary absorption (has gained most of mass by colliding or eating planets) , high elemental manipulation (can change the temperature and conditions on his surface), shape shifting (can meld himself into simple shapes like a triange or a circle when reforming),  

Attack Potency: Large planet to dwarf star level at max  

Speed: massively FLT (x9,000 speed of light) 

Lifting Strength: 10^29 kg 

Striking Strength: Large planet class 

Durability: star level 

Stamina: Extremely high, but tires out when hungry. 

Range: Two earths wide in range 

Standard Equipment: none 

Intelligence: 3,000,000,000,000,000 years worth of knowledge of space.  

Weaknesses: He has poor eyesight with objects smaller than a asteroid. he can't crash into ice planets or gas giant planets. despite his speed he barely has much control over it and crashes head first into planets. 

Notable Attacks/Techniques: solar cannon (self explanatory), Gaia's fists (1,000,000 punches), devoir all (pulls in everything within a two earth range into his mouth). Self-destruction


(Traveled across the andromeda galaxy to the whirl pool galaxy in 9 minutes)

(casually devoured Kepler-22 )

(survived crashing through the sun)

(once passed by neptune stopped for 40 seconds of visibility then disappeared and reappeared behind saturn in 2.5 seconds)