Fictional Fights was a VS debate series created by LeopoldTheBrave in October 2015, but soon ended a year later in November 2016. It had moderate success following Co-Host's Hira and Vic as they traveled across the multi-verse in search of opponents to do battle. The show was retired however, due to an animation position that could simply not be filled. Without the budget to recruit animators to produce animations like the fans wanted and demanded, Fictional Fights' ratings began to decline. And the show ended soon after and was replaced by UniVS which didn't require animations.

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Intro Themes


  • Hosts Hira and Vic were originally supposed to be a parody of Cheech and Chong as Leo could do a pretty good and hilarious Tommy Chong impression. However, Leo changed his mind after deciding two comedic hosts would make the show harder to take seriously, and their voices would probably get annoying if they had nothing comedic to say.
  • Leo was originally going to voice Vic, but put the character up for audition after ditching the Cheech and Chong idea.
  • Vic's new voice was meant to be a Boston accent that closely resembled the Scout from Team Fortress 2. Soul Mystique didn't exactly sound like the Scout, but he had a top notch Boston accent and Leo loved the audition too much to turn him down.
  • Soul Mystique unfortunately resigned after the first episode due to personal reasons, leading Leo to take up the role of Vic. Leo was unable to do a convincing Boston accent along with the high pitched voice at the same time, so he instead portrayed Vic as a purposefully cheesy impression of Jerry Seinfeld.
  • It was actually up to the original Voice Actors job to come up with the name they liked for the Hosts. HaruTsunX chose Hiravox, or Hira for short, and Soul Mystique simply chose Vic.