Born in Japan, Eijiro Harima's parents were sailors from China. As Eijiro started to grow up, he became a educated student, he was also a quick learner. During high school he joined a street gang called the Dragons of Edo, Eijiro joined the gang because he wanted protection and to make new friends. Eijiro would quickly adapt to his new crime life, he would rob stores and fight with other street gangs. As he started to graduate from university, Eijiro would quit his gang life and live in U.S.A, where he married his high school sweet heart, Judith. Eijiro would be hassled by three thugs and he managed to defeat them and he fled from the scene. While in his house, strange men attacked his home burning it down and killing Eiji's family.

Eijiro would be shot a couple of times and he was half-dead. A scientist found his body and experimented on it. He resurrected Eijiro and he added assets in his body, but the most powerful thing in Eiji's body was the red-eyes. The red eyes would steal peoples life with one look, so the scientist put sun-glasses on his face to cover this new power. Eiji would be trained in martial arts such as, Karate, Sambo and Muay Thai and Judo. He would also use guns , but mainly kept a hand-gun in his pants and other guns in his jacket. Eijiro would rename himself as Dr.Killer, firstly he studied nursing and secondly he knew how to kill someone easily. He thanked the scientist and he became a Hit-man. He would be hired to kill anybody that he was supposed to kill.


Dr.Killer is very charismatic, joyful and stoic, but when it came to killing Eijiro would get serious and managed to complete the job


He has flame-haired, sun glasses, wears a black tuxedo, wears black shoes, he has white skin and wears black pants

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-a

Name: Eijiro Harima

Origin: Japan

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: His Red-Eye, Master martial artist and expert marksmen.

Attack Potency: He managed to destroy a continent with his nuke gun

Speed: hyper sonic

Lifting Strength: 5,000 tons

Striking Strength: Class NJ

Durability: Survived a planetary threat nuke

Stamina: Very high

Range: can shoot from 2 km

Standard Equipment: his guns

Intelligence: higher then a monkeys

Weaknesses: none

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Just standard martial arts and weaponry and his Red-Eyes


  • Demolished a tank with one punch
  • He was shot at point blank and survived
  • Used his Red-Eyes to absorb fire