Was a intelligent student in college. He was picked on for being the smartest person in college. He was very strong but nervous. One day he was sad and planned to kill himself. After he fell in a hole he found a Rubik's cube and a laptop. He was transported to another galaxy to rid it of its evil. The laptop turned into gauntlets he could use for fighting. After beating the Cube master he destroyed the evil galaxy. He was proclaimed guardian of the universe by the creator of the universe. 

Personality: Smart, Bravery, Strong, Energetic

Appearance: Wears glasses a green jacket and is black.

Tier: Giant galaxy (He destroyed the cube master who is the size of a normal galaxy, he also destroyed the rest of the galaxy the cube master was in.

Name: Abraham zed

Origin: Norway

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: human

Powers and abilities: None

Attack potency: Large galaxy

Speed: Jumped to a giant hand the size of solar systems (Many planets away)

Lifting strength: Carried meteors

Striking strength: Galaxy level

Durability: took a punch that tore threw multiple planets, moons and 3 solar systems

Stamina: Can last in space without holding his breath

Range: multiple planets

Standard equipment: Laptop (Indestructible used to scan enemy weaknesses and turns into gauntlets that can break galaxies also can shoot energy)

Weaknesses: none

Notable attacks/techniques: scans opponents then attacks their weak point or tries to hit them with their weakness.


Destroyed a giant galaxy with a punch

Mastered tae kwan do

Smashed hands the size of solar systems

Lifted hundreds of pounds.