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• 1/10/2019

Temporarily before a response form page. Cy Aozora Chan (RWBY OC)

Tier: 8-C (Can be higher with semblance)

Name: Cy Aozora Chan

Origin:Young Cy had a really good life being a huntsman and all, but the one reason he wanted to be one was because he wanted to be like his cousin Amber. Amber was like a role model to him, she taught the means to be huntsman, she gave the weapons which he has, and he always wanted to be like her. One day after his graduation at Signal Academy, Amber had to go, after that Ozpin told Cy that Amber was attacked and killed her, Cy wants revenge for the people who killed Amber.

Gender: Male.

Age: 17 (Volume 1-3) 18 (Volume 4-6)

Classification: Human.

Powers and Abilities: Superman physicality, Aura (Including a shield around the body, enhanced senses (he uses this when he fights blind folded), his semblance has two levels, a red eyed level where he's semi angry and he's 2 times stronger than his base form and a yellow eyed form, where he's SUPER angry, doesn't hold back, and he's four times the red eyed form.

Attack Potency: Building level (Potentially higher), able to fight Yang with no problem.

Speed: Hypersonic (Potentially higher), he can casually dodge bullets, deflect bullets, and he casually stopped Cardin's attack.

Lifting Strength: Class K (higher with bracelet, semblance and weapon)

Striking Strength: Building level (Higher with semblance and weapon).

Durability: Building level (higher with semblance and bracelet), shrugs of Yang, Led, Mercury and an Atlas robot's attacks, and just gets angry as a result.

Stamina: High (higher with semblance and bracelet), fought Grimm for an entire day.

Range: Uses melee weapons and can shoot weapons, one time hit bullseye with a Walther PPK from 30 miles.

Standard Equipment: Holo Gauntlets (makes magical holographic projections of real life weapons that are as effective as the real ones, it has three modes, hand to hand, Melee and gun modes:

Hand to Hand: He has boxing gloves that multiply his strength by two, boots that allows him to go two times faster than his normal speed, and a circular shield for defense;

Melee: Pretty self explanatory, he has weapons for close range, this includes a katana, a combat knife, a rope dart, a mace, a spear, an axe, and a war hammer.

Gun: Pretty self explanatory as well, he has guns, this includes an assault rifle, battle riffle, dmr, two smgs and tmps, a metal storm (half shotgun half assault rifle), tommy gun, nine millimeter pistol, rocket launcher, gauss rifle, sniper rifle, pump action shotgun, grenade launcher, and a mini gun.

It also has to dust, fire and lightning dust. Fire dust multiplies his strength by four and lightning dust allows him to move at the speed of light.), and Amber's Bracelet (When focused hard enough, Cy has his strength, speed and durability cubed, he can also use it with other huntsmen and huntresses, except the combine their semblance, for example with Yang, both of their strength, speed and durability increase as they take damage, he can combine with a total of 10 huntsmen and huntresses, but depending on his connection with said huntsmen and huntresses, he will need to concentrate hard, and it deactivates if everyone is unconscious.).

Intelligence: Pretty high, he's a leader, great student and can improvise.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, predictable to smarter or experienced fighters, struggles against two opponents at the same time, mainly against characters like Yang and Pyrrha, and angered easily.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


When he was 13 years old, he defeated 5 thugs and was still able to continue fighting.

In his fight against Led, their punches caused several shockwaves.

After Cardin's weapon hit his hand, there was an explosion which burned his arm and Cy didn't even notice it and acted like it was nothing.

Fought Pyrrha, Yang, Coco, and Kyle with ease.

He jogged 30 miles in 30 minutes, and he was casually jogging, like not even trying.

Other stuff (there will be more feats as his story continues): He knows Kick boxing + slugger, outboxer, and swarmer styles of boxing, karate do, juijitsu, and judo, Kenjitsu (the Japanese style of sword fighting), tanjitsu (knife fighting) and iajitsu (the sword base QuickDraw).

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• 1/10/2019


I'm having trouble to upload the bio of my oc, can you help?

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• 2/9/2017


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• 2/4/2017

OC Fights Requests

While this hasn't been touched on yet I have a feeling it will be a big thing once we got a lot more OCs. Should OC Fights be requested? If so should we have a special category for them?
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